Help please! le32r7 speaker problems!



I recently got the le32r741bdx lcd and have found it pretty good apart from one problem, I keep getting distortion in the right speaker it almost sounds like it has blown, this will happen for a while then it seem to go back to normal.
It has happened with every source i've put through it at some point, i'm worried that if i send it back they ( won't be able to hear the problem and send it back to me which would mean i would have to pay the postage cost's since they check the fault is genuine before replacing it.
I'm getting a 5.1 surround sound system in a few days but even so would like the problem sorted any advice would be much appreciated. :)


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yes i no what you mean i to can here sound problems with this set but not on all channels and somtimes not at all strage ..and i also can see freeview
comming through on my sky channel ..can any 1 see this 2 ..i was told by samsung that my scart leads on my sky box were not in properly but have checked all this still the same ..if i put freeview to a blank channel it goes away ..but.lucky me i have a whatever cover plan and they are giving me a new 1 as it got scrached on the pannel


Had one of these sets for a couple of months now, don't use the internal speakers, tried them yesterday even with the volume at 50 they vibrate.
Might complain after Xmas.
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