help please! iphone 3g unlocking questions


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Hi there

wondering if someone can help.

I have a iphone 3g on firmware 3.1 (So i'm told - but haven't self checked as the phone is locked to optus so i can; t put in a 02 sim and check normally ps is there another way of checking the version of firmware I have). I have been wanting to unlock it for use on an orange sim. However i can't activate the phone with an o2 sim as it is not from o2.

I have been doing a lot of reading and it seems that the iclarified stuff is the best way forward. However they don;t do a JB for v3.1 on the pc bu they do I think for the mac.

so i have 2 options.

1. I can pay a guy in north london who reckons he can do it or

2. I can try and do it myself using my friend's imac.

(will this work and then enable me to connect back up to my pc and download my music to the phone or will it be locked to his i mac?)

secondly will the software unlock v3.1. As far as i am aware this software on i clarified is only available with macs?

are there any dangers ie permanently locking the phone if i mess up? shouls i just let the pros do it?

finally I think i am right in saying I have to backdate the firmware from v3.1 to a more older versio before JB/unlock and i'm guessing this is all explained in the tutorial?

thanks for your help and sorry about all the questions.


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Jailbreak and unlock are two different things.

Jailbreak just allows you to run uncertified applications - once jailbroken you can run one such application (ultrasn0w) to unlock.

However, 3.1 cannot be unlocked - by anyone.

When it can you will see it on the dev team blog.
Dev-Team Blog

Like it says right at the top before doing anything with 3.1 read it carefully as you can jailbreak, but it's not straightforward like it was for 3.0. If your 3.1 has had it's baseband upgraded (likely as it will have been updated in iTunes) then it's not certain that there will ever be an unlock at this time - although I'm sure they are working as hard as they can.

If you connect it to iTunes will it tell you the firmware version ?
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Why have you got an iPhone locked to Optus? Are you travelling from Australia?

If you are and you still have your Optus contract call them and they will unlock it officially for you, might cost you a few dollars but its well worth it. Well its your only option at the moment.


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Hutch - I bought it off some cowboy on ebay. thankfully I have sent it right back to him.

Another question - if I buy an unlocked and jailbroken phone with spftware already on it eg sat nav - is it as simple as just inserting my sim card into the phone and all the apps stay there? ie do they get deleted when you insert a new sim?

also would you advise to wait till orange release the iphone on their network or are there going to be no advs?

really want an iphone but want to do the right thing.

option1 - buy a decent JB unlocked one and then (do i just plug and play?)

optiopn 2 - wait for an orange one to come onto the market for sale.

advice appreciated

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