HELP please, i aint got a clue how to connect via my crossover cable


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Mar 23, 2007
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I posted the other day regarding this problem, i first of all want to thank everyone who helped but alas i need more help

Here goes

I have tiscali 2 meg broadband. My modem does not have an ethernet port but the back of my pc does. So ive run a CROSSOVER cable from that to my ps3.

When i go into network connections, and right click on the tiscali icon and select properties, the advanced tab does not have the option to Share Internet connection. The only thing there is the firewall option. Ive just updated to service pack 2 on xp thinkin this would solve it but still its the same.

Can someone please help with a sort of step by step guide as im pretty crap with computers etc and im stuck now on what to do.

Do i need to set up a network? do i need to manually enter the ip address of my comp into my ps3??

What ever i need to do i really do need a step by step guide but as i said before im absolute poo with computers

Again many thanks in advance for anyones help ;-)

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