Help please for a novice trying to get a new set up!



OK, Let me tell you what I am trying to do. Apologies if this may seem pretty simple to some, it's just that I'm not that up on all this sort of stuff just yet...:)

About to buy a new TV (LCD) and also want to be able to bin the stereo. I want something that can store all my music. Music is currently all in MP3 format.

Want to be able to play back via a Home theatre or Via the TV. Also want to be able to play back movies downloaded (So USB interface important - Dont mind storing the Music etc on a portable drive, so it doesnt have to be a system with Hard Drive)

2 options I can see at the mo are Windows Media Centre (Wouldnt really use a lot of this, so for the cost, seems a bit over the top) and the Samsung Home theatres with USB interface. The main issue with the Samsung stuff is that, looking at the manual, there is no option to file music, and play what you want easily (As you would with say an MP3 player). It seesm you have to click through each track until you get to what you want. I want something that will have same functionality as MP3 player (On TV Screen) i.e. Play by album, artist etc....

Posted on here as I thought a HDD recoreder may offer the solution

all help very much appreciated



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The Pioneer DV540 lets you play MP3s from it's internal hard disk. The trouble is the only way to get them on is via CD-R/CD-RW so it takes ages. Not even DVD oddly.

I'd probably opt for a Windows Media Center machine from the likes of Acer. They do really nice ones which are shaped like normal AV equipment so not an odd PC shape.
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