*** HELP PLEASE: Faulty 8200MB or 8000A Pre Out ***


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I bought 2x 8200MB on 31 Dec 2010, but only managed to unpack and hook up late Jan 2011. My pair happened to be 'pre launch' units for local dealer, since the main shipment should be in late March/early April. Some would call 'sample units'. Anyway, at the dealer shop, I auditioned both and were sounding normal.

Late Jan 2011, out of the box, 8000A Pre Out to 8200MB, I had problem with one of them --> there was no audio from one 8200MB. I had emailed to iaguk.co.uk and sent in to local dealer --> problem still outstanding.

To cut it short, I have just establised the problem baseline last evening. This Saturday, the dealer agrees to send someone to my house with their int amp, interconnect and spkr cable to help troubleshooting.

In the meantime, hopefully you could review the following troubleshoot and advise your thought on my bizarre problem.

Current setup (without 8200MB):
- Onkyo AVR Front L/R Pre-Out to 8000A Video IN
- Cambridge 340C to 8000A CD
- L/R Speakers connect to 8000A

Baseline Check:
Play Blu-Ray and CD, current setup is OK.
> Blu-Ray sound output from 5.1ch
> CD sound at L/R
Switch over spkr cable at 8000A spkr output,
> LEFT & RIGHT audio interchange is OK
==> interconnect & sprk cable OK,
8000A input source dial & volume are OK

Test 1 - Using the same I/C,
Onkyo AVR Front L/R Pre-Out to 8200MB,
L/R Spkr connect to 8200MB
> play CD on Blu-Ray player,
and Onkyo sound effect as "All Ch"
> audio from Ctr spkr and Rear L/R spkrs
> BUT no audio from Front L/R
> AND one 8200MB indicator starts blinking
> power off and on 8200MB
> play same CD, and Onkyo sound effect as "Stereo"
> SAME no audio, and the same 8200MB indicator
starts blinking

Test 2 - No interconnect to Onkyo AVR,
just 8000A and CD player,
8000A Pre-Out to 8200MB
> play CD, no audio from L/R spkrs
> again one 8200MB indicator blinking
(LEFT 8200MB, see video)
> power off 8200MB, 8000A, CD player
> switch position of 8200MB
> play CD, no audio on L/R spkrs
> BUT now RIGHT 8200MB indicator starts blinking
(that is, after switching over position, and so the same
8200MB that blinks)

1. That 8200MB which I have sent in previously,
it continues to have the same problem of no audio.
The indicator glows but no audio.
The dealer has tested it and reported OK, and so
I take it back.
2. Now the other 8200MB, the indicator starts blinking
as soon as the light glows.
3. Spkr cable should be OK. Otherwise, switching over
at 8000A should have produced audio problem.
4. Using 2 other pairs of interconnect to connect 8000A
and 8200MB also produces the same no audio problem,
and the same 8200MB blinking problem.

- confirmed at dealer shop that my 8000A Pre Out is OK
(at the dealer shop, we hook up my 8000A with another
brand Power Amp)

??? If a 8200MB starts to blink as soon as its light glows,
does it mean it is faulty? After power off and on, it is in
standby mode of dimmed light, no blinking.

??? Why the other 8200MB produces no audio, but the light
glows, thus indicating it receives input currrent from
8000A Pre Amp Out?

I am supposed to enjoy this new pair of toys. It is so
frustrating and demoralising.

Anyone has any idea? At the moment, it appears to be
either 8200MB fault or 8000A Pre-Amp Out fault........


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I remember the shorting link is present on both 8200MB.

BTW, without shorting link, what will happen?
- no audio?
- indicator continuous blink as soon as there is input signal from pre-amp?

Thank you.


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It is possible that no shorting links could cause this, it is strange that both monoblocs dont produce sound, this would first lead me to the preouts on the 8000a, however you say that this is working fine, the only other thing i can think of before you return these units for repair is the 12v trigger switch, have you got this set in the correct position which with the 8000a will be 'high'.



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Thank you reddish75 for your help and suggestion.

The local dealer has arranged tomorrow to send his guy to my place with their set of Int Amp, interconnect and spkr cable.

So far, my troubleshoot has not produced any sensible idea to me.
- 8000A Pre-Amp Out was tested OK only at the dealer shop with their power amp
- before I brought home 8200MB, I had auditioned both connected to 8000S at the dealer shop.
- There is no problem with the same set of interconnects and spkr cables used on Onkyo AVR and 8000A.
- I have Chord Cobra+ & Cobra3, Chord Carnival SilverScreen Spkr Cable, QED Audio Ref - which I respond to IAG Help Desk that these are 'reputable' cables and not some cheap, low quality cables.
- My old 8000A has no 12V trigger.
- Even if I toggle HIGH/LOW on 8200MB 12V switch, still the same problem
- Onkyo AVR Front L/R Pre-Out to 8200MB also produces the same indicator blinking on one 8200MB and the other 8200MB no audio.
- BUT the same interconnect from Onkyo AVR Pre-Out to 8000A Video IN/Tape IN has no problem, ie. 8000A spkr output with audio and no audible distortion.

At the moment, I am still isolating the problem as either 8000A Pre-Amp Out fault (but it is OK at the dealer shop), or both 8200MB fault, esp. now with one indicator blinking.

(sigh) :(:mad:


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Ironically, 'fortunately' today when the local dealer comes to troubleshoot my problem using their 8000S, interconnect, spearker cables, the same 8200MB problems are replicated. That is, one 8200MB indicator blinking, and one 8200MB no audio.

It is a bizarre problem. No one has yet to agree that my pair of 8200MBs is faulty.

Maybe it does not 'pay' to own the 1st set of pre-launch equipment........... :(

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