Help please - fault with Lexicon DC-1


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Hi All,

Long time no post, but I hope someone can hel pme with a problem.

I bought a Lexicon DC-1 from the forums a while ago. It's been working great. Very recently when I switch on the wall socket power the lex starts blinking and clicking (sounds like a relay) on and off say 7-8 time per second sending out pulses to the amp and sub (!) for about 5-15 seconds.


Any help or advice and service centre information would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Pop up Dragon

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When it settles down(if it settles down) does it work or just go "dead"?The psu used in the DC1/DC2 and MC1 are the same and when i had a MC1 the only problem i ever had was with the psu.I think it was about £70 fro a new one.Speak with the people at CSE(the UK distributor for Lexicon) they are very good .If you google im sure you can get the number , i have it somewhere but not to hand.


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Coolio! Thanks for the info. Totally fluke I've googled and sent these guys an email :) I'll follow up with them on Monday.

Once the unit settles down it seems to be absolutely fine.

Thanks for the help.


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