Help Please - "connection to PSN timed out"


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I can only connect to the PSN ar certain times of the day, normally ok in mornings and afternoons but it's a nightmare in the evenings. Have checked the internet connection and it's fine, but i can't sign in to PSN. I've seen a couple of threads about this but no solutions????

I'm with Tiscali on the 8meg package and connect with netgear wireless router. Can't easily change ISP as I've just started new contract.

Have read a few threads about "traffic shaping" Is this what's causing my problem and can it be fixed. Also seen "LLU" a few times, whats that then???

Cheers for any advice


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dump the wireless router option and go 'wired'. See thread on homeplugs - which is the way to go for 24/7 connectivity to PSN.


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If you are with Tiscali (like me) there is nothing you can do about it because Tiscali are a bunch of....:devil:

Traffic shaping occurs when the Tiscali network gets busy (like evenings) and they block access to certain things, i.e the PSN. I have exactly the same problem and will be bringing it up with them as soon as I can work out how to navigate their diabolical website.

Although I have no idea what LLU is, there has been word that users have been allowed to cancel contracts before the 12 month period due to very, very poor speeds and Tiscali saying they will be doing nothing about it. I have also heard about users purposefully getting FUP'd (Fair Usage Policy), because they cancel your contract if you get three FUP's in a row.


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I too have tiscali - and it's a dream with homeplugs :D

Ok, so it's late but I did have a quick read to find out about these homeplugs which I have never heard of. How exactly do they prevent Tiscali from blocking access to the PSN at busy periods?

Also, bear in mind that I currently run a wired connection with a bit of the old Ethernet cable to my router, but I still have problems every single day.

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