Help please! Can't connect coax


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Hi all,
one of the rooms in my flat has a built in aerial socket to connect the tv to, sadly its in totally the wrong place so i cant run a coax cable to my tv - i have tried several standalone aerials and none work!
is there a neat solution anyone can think of that means i dont need to run a cable across the floor in the room!!
any help would be more than appreciated. am guessing aside from a video sender from another source im pretty limited?
thanks so much


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Why can't you run a cable around the sides of the room to the point where you need to connect to your TV? Using a video sender would involve buying a Freeview box and a sender and would completely degrade the signal that reaches your TV. A pointless solution IMO. You certainly won't get any benefit from your FreeviewHD television. You have raised this query before and have been told that there is no simple cheap solution. You cannot 'transmit' the full range of Freeview channels from one part of the house to another.
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