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In around 3 weeks I'll be picking up a VW T6 Transporter and was planning to stick a double din android auto head unit in, however I've read on many forums about the glare in the T6 when sunny = invisible screen... no good for sat nav!

Essentially my requirements are to have DAB radio and Android Auto. I want to have all the voice features (start calls, send and receive texts, program the sat Nav, play/ change music) along with the Dab.

I was thinking I could connect a 7in samsung Android tablet via the line in on the existing dab headunit and if I have the tablet on a stand or mount then I can angle the screen depending upon the conditions.

1 - Is there anything that would make this a bad idea?
2 - Will I be able to simply set up my phone as a mobile hot-spot, thus connecting the tablet to the internet and enabling Android Auto to run, or would I need to physically connect the mobile via USB?
3 - If I have to use USB, could I get an adapter (mini USB to female USB) so I could plug in a phone to the tablet?
4 - Will I need anything else to make this sound good? e.g., something else between the tablet and the line in?
5 - I was thinking I could also get a small amp like the Alpine KTP445U which I was thinking of adding to improve the sound in the van, I'd just plug it between the headunit and the speakers, then at a later date I may well upgrade the speakers and put in some sound deadening. Will the Alpine amp make a big difference? is this a sensible thing to do or does this sound like a daft idea?
6 - Given I will need a microphone, could I just buy a bluetooth one to connect it to the tablet, or if there is a microphone already in the van connected to the Radio, would I be able to use it (I'm assuming not!)

As you can tell I'm a bit new to this, but it seems like the easiest and cheapest way to get what I need in the car without doing a hatchet job on the dash or spending £900 on a kenwood headunit with a tilting screen.

Thanks to everybody that reads this and mega thanks for any responses!


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Have I asked this in the wrong way? Too many questions at once? I'm just surprised that nobody has a view on any of these questions above... is this posted in the wrong forum? I'd really appreciate any help from you guys, if I've done something wrong then please do let me know. Thanks!


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You could look at the JVC M745DBT (around £300 online), JVC and Kenwood are the same company. I have this in my Passat and Father in Law has it in his T5. You can buy anti-glare screen protectors on Amazon or Ebay for it. You can then keep your factory look.

If you did want to go down your other route, I have seen other cars on the road that use tablets as sat nav etc., as long as its secure and doesn’t impact your driving it should be ok.

You can use your phone as a mobile hotspot easy enough, it’s likely that your tablet will auto connect too each time you get in the car as long as you have hotspot turned on on your phone.

Worth trying the sound first, chances are it will be fine. The tablet will likely have a microphone built in which you could use, again worth trying first.

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