Help Please - 3D TV Blocking My Bluray Remote Control!!


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Hi Guys,

I'm at my wits end, literally. I've spent about 4 hours tonight on this problem but no solution. My setup:

- 58" Panasonic VT20 (3D Capable TV using IR)
- LG BX580 3D Bluray Player
- Sony BDP-S5100 3D Bluray Player

Now, originally I had the LG 3D bluray player with the TV all setup. It all worked great with regular bluray but when I turned 3D mode on, the LG bluray remote worked maybe 1 out of 15 tries. I thought it was the unit, so after a year of putting up with it, I finally bought the Sony 3D Bluray player. Unfortunately I have hooked it all up and had the exact same issue.

After doing some further research and troubleshooting, when I cover the 2 sets of IR transmitters on the bottom of the Panasonic TV that get enabled when 3D mode is turned on, then the remotes all work fine in 3D mode however the 3D glasses don't pick up the signal. Obviously the IR on the TV is somehow affecting the bluray player IR.

Things I've tried:
1. Putting black tape over the IR sensors. Blocks them out completely.
2. Putting about 10 layers of clear tape on the IR sensors. Does nothing.
3. Putting a piece of paper over the sensor. Blocks them out.
4. Moving the bluray units inside the entertainment cabinet, under the entertainment cabinet, and even to the other side of the room tucked away in a little corner where it was not visible by direct line of sight to the TV (I had a long HDMI cable). Unfortunately the 3D IR still affected it when I switched 3D mode on.

I'm really shocked that i'm having this enormous issue when it's so fundamentally basic. Am I seriously doing something wrong? Someone please give me an easy fix. All I want to do is watch a 3D bluray and have the damn remote work.


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Try using HDMI Control to control the playr via the TV's remote as opposed to relying upon IR and the player's own remote. You'd need to turn HDMI Control (CEC) on from within both the TV's and the player's HDMI settings. Panasonic refer to HDMI Control as Viera Link.

HDMI Control allows a limited number of functions to be controlled by another device via the HDMI connection between devices. You'd only need an IR connection from the TV's remote to the TV in order to control the player via HDMI Control.

You could also look at using an iOS or Android device to control your player if you have one at your disposal? Most players now allow themselves to be controlled over a home network by using an app on a mobile device. This wouldn't need IR and is done via a network connection to the player.
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