help! plasma remote disabled!


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Hi, I need some help here!

After finding the service menu on my panasonic 37" plasma, I thought I would take a look. From the list I believe I changed the remote function from 'OFF' to 'USER 1' by accident. Now I cannot bring up the menu and cannot change aspect ratios!

PLEASE can someone tell me if there is a code to get back into the menu so I can change it back, or a reset function to revert the unit back to factory settings?

Let this be a warning to those who feel the need to twiddle!

my partner is doing her nut!



i can get into a few menu on my toshiba by doing this there is a lot of stuff in there i used it to see what signal was being shown, but if i remember in there was a option for user a and b
if you look in the sd mode it says remote user a or b
be care full

hold the volume button on the panell in while pressing the button under the power button (the status button) 3 times very fast

another thing if you high light the sd mode then sellect it tells you how many times you have powerd on and off the panell and even better an hour meter i thing the hours are on the right PT and the on/off meter WT is on the left ,
i dont know what the rest of the stuff is

let me know how you get on


According to the service manual :-

Remocon User Level :-
Off : Valid key is all key of remocon.
User1 : Valid key are only Stand-by (ON/OFF), Input, Status, Surround,
Sound mute On/Off, and volume adjustment.
User2 : Valid key is only Stand-by (ON/OFF).

Note of Remocon User Level:
All key of remote control is valid in the service mode (CAT-mode) regardless of the setting of Remocon User Level. To change the option setting when the Remocon User Level is set in the User1 or User2, access the service mode (CAT-mode) first, then display the option menu the same method.

So, you need to get into CAT-mode (which is what jmack is describing) and access the menu as before.

I HAVE NOT TRIED THIS AND YOU SHOULD BE CAREFUL. A friend of mine is an engineer in the broadcast industry and assured me that you can actually cause real damage through the service menus of TVs.

I also noticed that the manual also says how to get out of CAT-mode (you have to go via ID mode...). Perhaps you should read the service manual first...


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Hi, thanks guys for your input, however I am still stuck.

The reason being, the unit is a Japanese model TH37PM50, and the only button on the fasia is the power button. So I cannot access the service menu via the unit.

The unit designed as a screen/tuner box combo, but I only own the screen and use it as a monitor.

I intended to check if the WOBBLE function was activated, which it wasn't. This orbits the image 'ever so slightly' to lessen the impact of screen burn.

Someone mentioned something about an ID mode, any extra help on this may help and would be appreciated, thanks.

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