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Help: Plasma or LCD to take to Spain

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs' started by marilynb, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. marilynb


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    We are going to live in Spain most of the year, and prices for plasma or LCD there are very high, so we want to take stuff with us. I know nothing, and I'm in charge of organising it, so please please help.
    We shall have Sky+ there, and will only be watching TV through that. We are hoping to buy a combined DVD/video (a DMR e75v if anyone knows anything about it). I'd like to know (a) if plasma or LCD is best (b) which plasma or LCD to go for. We'd like a 37 or 42in screen, and reasonable sound quality, because my husband can't be doing with separate speakers etc (c) I seem to understand that cables are important. What cables should I get for the best results, and how should I hook the whole thing up?
    The plasma/LCD will not be going on a wall.
    Budget for Plasma/LCD up to £3K.
    I know these are very ignorant questions, but I've only got one chance to get this right!
    Thanks in advance

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