HELP: Pioneer SV-230-W or SV-310-QL Speaker System



I hope you might be able to help me.

I have been considering the Pioneer SV-230-W or the SV-310-QL Home Cinema Speaker Systems.



I was wondering what peoples views were of these two? If you don't think they are good then what would you suggest for around £180?

Thank you,
best surround kit for around £180 atm is the Tannoy fx5.1. Superb mids and treble. If you can upgrade the sub at a later date then it has the makings of an awesome little system. RRP is £480. British designed (Glasgow) but Chinese built like most things.

do a search on here- theres been a thread floating around.

I've heard those Pioneer '310s. Distinctly unimpressed i'm afraid.
No comment on the Celestions but they won't be made in Britain/Kent.
Thanks for the comments about the speakers. Everyone definately seems to be recommending the Tannoy fx5.1 so I think I will shop around and see how must I can get them for.

Do you know of anywhere selling them for around £180?

not off the top of my head top caty
but try

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