Help - Pioneer pdp434 and PS3


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Ive just loaned my old Pioneer 434 plasma to my brother in law and we can't get it to recognise the PS3 at all. The MySky box works fine hooked up either by the hdmi cable or rgb cable but neither works with the PS3 - just a black screen. Does anyone have any ideas. I have searched the forum and didn't note anything we havent tried but may have missed it.


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When you first plug you PS3 in to the TV, keep your fingers pressed on the on button of the PS3 for a few seconds until it beeps, this will reset the screen resolution and give you the option to select HDMI. It is still probably set to 576i RGB.


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Not sure if its the same for the 434 but on my 436 you have to enable the "other" HDMI port via the Services Menu !!

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