Help! Pioneer PDP-LX6090 cracked on install after 6 mnths in store - need another!


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I don't know if anyone can help me but we had a bit of a disaster today - after holding onto a Pioneer PDP-LX6090 for a client for 6 months by special request we found out on installation today that it has 4 major cracks in the screen.

There's no box damage and we haven't dropped it but the question is not how it happened - he has built a recess in the room exactly for it and we must find him another...

Does anyone out there have any idea to find 1? I know all too well that they are out of production and they stopped being sold months ago but any help would be hugely appreciated! :lease:


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I may well place a classified if my calls today turn up nothing - thanks v much for that link... I've tried calling them but cannot get through to guarantee stock. Will try more this a.m.

Thanks again, though.


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Won't your nearest Pioneer service centre just replace it for you.

Will cost a fair few quit, but they'd do it, just as they would any private job.

I enquired about replacing my 5090 screen, and was just told it would cost £1000 plus, hate to think ow much the 6090 screen would be.


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I would never get another Plasma repaired after my experience, never the same :(

Good luck finding one, might want to look on ebay as well.
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