[Help!] Pioneer 868 with RGB...

Lord Axl

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Hi.In some days I'm gonna take a Pioneer 868,even if,at the moment,I got "only" a Sony 28LS35 16:9 50hz...next Christmas I'll go for a projector.I hear some opinions about Pioneer's interlaced video signal said it's one of the best all around.Is it really like that?For now I'll use my tv Sony and Pio 868 via RGB interlaced,so this thing cares me a lot.Days ago I was interested in Denon 2200,but I read about his picture more "soft" compared to the "smooth" Pioneer,so I think I'll go with this last,now I got a Pio 525 (4 years old) and I like his picture...868 in this might be superb :) .Thanks a lot,bye.LORD AXL

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