Help:Pioneer 811 No Sub Output with CD's???




Got my sub setting to ON on the amp. Watching DVD's is fine, amp works a beauty.

I have my Xbox (using xbmc) plugged into the 'CD optical in' on the amp but whenever I play music there is NO output from the sub, any ideas, I'm completely stumped????

Thanks in Advance
Stace :D


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It forces sub output to on, since setting "on" in some cases doesn't output LFE channel.
This setting existed on 812 (which i owned), i think it should be on 811 also.


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Also need to make sure that at least 'some' of your speakers are set to small. If they are all set as Large then the amps algorythm may not generate a LFE channel


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When playing with a 1014 I found the plus setting to be similar to selecting LFE+mains on other amps.

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