help picture rolls in pal not ntsc

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i have a problem with my setup some where, in that the picture on a pal dvd rolls down the screen but not on an ntsc dvd

set up as below

sony 1270qm - rgbhv input
extron 202xi - feeding rgbhv to projector
quadscan pro - component input - in either triple tv or XGA
pioneer dv-05 elite - component out

the picture is superb in ntsc the pal looks good but is rolling down screen


Sound like a sync problem rather than a projector issue.

there is a sync sensitivity setting in the service menu of the sony which might be worth trying
Gordon yes it is a modded us version

Roland how do i get to this setting, is it throught service man where i converged the projector, as i dont find nothing there

thanks for the help

I'm doing this from memory.
Press and hold the test button when asked answer yes.
Scrol down to either input settings or source settings its in there.
i cannot find any settings to do with inputs / signals / sync in
the 1270 setup menus at all.

i have tried every setting on the extron 202 but still have no luck.

i appreciate the help from you both

thank you

Get projector remote and press "page" then press it again. You should now see the sync settings...if not it may be on next page. Either way, use down arrow to go to them adn move across seeing what happens. I'm pretty sure it won't help though as it does seem like a Quadscan/DVD player issue. I presume that PAL material from a VCR or SKY is fine?

Gordon when i'm on that page it says not applicable when i scroll dwn i cannot change anything.

i have also tried a uk player and i get the same results
Originally posted by crtbob
Gordon when i'm on that page it says not applicable when i scroll dwn i cannot change anything.
1270 doesn't have the possibility to change the sync settings. 1272 does (and maybe 1271 too).
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