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I have recently taken some pictures whilst on holiday using a friends digital camera.

Images were taken at 1280 x 960 (As recommended by friend!), When I tried to get the images printed, I was only offered 7 x 5's. I was actually hoping for 12 x 15's or there abouts (I actually don't mind losing a bit of the sharpness). The guy in the shop said that if I enlarge the image on my PC, I'll be able to print them at whatever size I like without losing quality.

Is this true???

Apologies for the long post but if I don't get these printed, Wifey will be kicking some arse !!!!



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The guy in the shop is telling porkies.
Which ever way you enlarge a digital image you'll always loose quality.The guy in the shop should be able to print to whatever size you want (assuming he's got half descent equipment) but the bigger you go the lesser the quality.

Your resolution of 1280 x 960 is faily low and printing to 12x15 is pushing it a bit - but its not impossible.

Here is some basic info that may help.

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