Help picking speakers and amp.


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Right, looking at spending about £400 on the lot.

Will be used with PS3 and Xbox360. Mainly playing games, with the odd blu-ray and normal TV, with V+ going in soon-ish.

Was looking at Richer Sounds and they seem to have their sale still on, but happy to shop around and get a good deal.

Thanks in advance. :clap:
Matt. :thumbsup:


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In the same boat as me mate, look second hand in the classifieds and ebay. Will get more for your money than buying new.


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You can just about do it.

An Onkyo tx-sr507 or a Sony strdh-800 £220 and either the Yamaha nsp280 at £150 or the Onkyo sksht528 at £170,all from Richers would achieve what you want.

I cant comment on any of these pieces of equipment though.



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Anyone else? Just trying to get the most for my money.
If you can stretch to £420 you could pick up the Sony DH800 and the Tannoy SFX5.1 speaker package. I don't think you'd be disappointed at all.


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He wants an amp and speakers, but, from that I saw, he didn't say whether he wanted a 5.1 surround sound system or some other version of surround sound, or a straight stereo system.

Surround sound for £400 is difficult, though as KUBBY illustrates, in can be done.

However, £400 would buy you one very nice stereo system.

So...which is it?



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Sorry for not saying, but im after 5.1.

After looking at more stuff, im willing to stretch what im willing to pay.

After reading reviews etc i like the look of the Jamo A102HCS speakers, and looking at the Onkyo TXSR507. Good choice? Anymore options?

After having a read about im looking at the Sony STRDH800. Would that be a good pair with the Jamo speakers?
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The Sony and Onkyo recievers would not normally be recommended with Jamo speakers. Since both are considered bright and could result in an overbright sound. Typical recommendations for the Jamo would be Denon (1610) or Yamaha (465, 565).
That said, some people prefer brighter sounding equipment so the Onkyo/Sony and Jamo pairing may work for you. But I would demo it first to make sure it sounds good to you.


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I'm no expert but I have those Jamo speakers and an Onkyo 605 amp and to my ears they sound great.

Worth setting the sub up properly though and sometimes I feel they are lacking a little bit in the midrange but they are only small speakers.


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The Sony seems to winning me over, and since it has got really good reviews all across the board thats a big plus to me.

What speaker would be better suited for the Sony without breaking the bank?

This is helping alot cheers!


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The Tannoy SFX 5.1 speakers are a popular pairing with Sony recievers. These can be bought for £200 from Richer Sounds.

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