Help Picking a Receiver


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Okay you'll have to bare with me, I haven't looked at audio equipment in years so I'm well behind.

Basically I want to get an Nvidia Shield however it doesn't have optical out and as my receiver is so old it won't take anything else (I think I have a Denon 3805).

I have a budget of about £300 ish, might stretch to more if it's worth it. I'm also quite happy to pick it up second hand.

Any recommendations would be appreciated along with bringing me up to speed with the new versions of Dolby /DTS etc..


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Thought I better add my current speakers are JM Focal xl Sibs just in case there's any incompatibility issues.

tony nevitt

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Is this one anygood?

Everyone on here seems to rate it, so do the professionals. I have the 1300 version, slightly cheaper and less specs but i'm happy with my purchase.


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Denon in the UK off great value for money. So a worthy choice


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Ok that's fab, nice that I didn't have to spend days trolling through reviews!

I'll probably be looking at speakers next :/

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