Help ! PE50 owner in distress !!


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Sep 23, 2005
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Guys - here's the score.

Less than 10 mins ago, the screen on my PE50 went blank...completely. Sound still coming thru fine. Just no picture.

I have only ever used the Digital tuner, and my other telly's are still picking up Freeview with no problem, so its not a transmitter problem.

DVD's also have sound but no picture.

Have powered the whole thing off and re-started it - still nowt.

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance.
unplug scarts just leave rf leads to dvd and screen turn on dvd channel 1or2=analog see if you get picture could be digatal tuner gone but hope not give it a go a see what happens.
thinking again switch everything off when you switch plasma on you should here the relay and the led on front should flash 7or 8 times if this doesnt happen then it could be a power supply fault.
Hi Culp - thanks. I'll tell you what I've tried thus far...

1) I've turned all the power off and restarted it....problem still remains (screen shuts off after 10 mins or so)

then, after speaking with the dealer I bought it from originally:

2) Turned the TV off, removed all Scarts and component leads. Turned TV back on, entered the "Shipping Condition!" menu and erased all data.
switched TV off (at the mains). Then re-started it, allowing the TV to re-tune itself....lo and behold...problem is still there !!!

Incidentally, when I first switch on, I can hear the click of the rely switch, and the LED's on the front still flash a few times (as normal).

The only other thing I can tell you (or anybody reading this...) is that, once the picture has vanished, and I turn the set off - a few mins later there is a distinct 'click' from the back of the unit - turn the set on, and hey presto - the picture is back again (albeit only for a few minutes). So it seems like the set 'trips out' and a few mins later, somehow resets itself !! Then trips out once again. very odd.
the click thing is normal i think as i have seen this with mine the switching off after 10min does sound like a capacitor fault in the power supply usely the majoriy of faults on plasmas is power supply you either get a good one or bad i know this doesnt help you but it does sound like your power supply is faulty sorry.

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