help - pc won't switch off!!


please bear with me as i'm not exactly computer literate :D

i was having a few problems with my pc crashing on some sites - a friend advised i needed to upgrade to USB 2 to handle the faster speeds of bt broadband

he added the said USB and no more crashes - HOWEVER - when i go to power down the pc using the on screen menu it goes through the power down procedure but when the screen eventually goes blank (the point at which it used to switch off) it restarts

the only way i can now get it to switch off is to manually press and hold the start button when the screen goes blank

if the USB 2 is removed it powers down and switches off as it used to :confused:

any advice :lease:


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USB 1.1 handles up to 11Mbps, plenty for your broadband (Unless you are on BE at 24Mbps !). It might be the drivers of your USB 2 connection. Have you tried powering down without the broadband connected to the pc ?


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check in your bios and turn off wake on lan, or try turning off all power management in the bios

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