Help - Panicing over budget LCD or Plasma buy


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I'm trying to buy a LCD for my rented room and I had my heart set on a Samsung (my previous screen was Samsung so I'm sticking to them) LED 32" LE32C5100 which was on amazon for £349, only for it to go out of stock and jump to £400 and 450 elsewhere.

I am on a budget and really want to stick to Samsung as opposed to a no name brand.

So I started looking elsewhere and looking in Currys at the screens and really struggling to decide.

I don't drive so delivery is a must, and the max I can afford is £400.
I've been pawing over these screens - I've looked in Currys and can't decide:
Samsung LE32C5100 32" LED (if anyone ever has it in stock) ideal price point £370
Samsung LE32C530 32 " LCD ideal price point £299
Exceptions are
Samsung LE32C650 - is the 100Hz worth spending £450 - £499 for?
Samsung PS42C450 - going for £349 in some places and the 100Hz has got me thinking of just going for a 720p Plasma??

My uses are:
A few hours daily Xbox 360 gaming (fifa, some FPS, RPG) over component and maybe HDMI (If I upgrade my console), possibly PS3 in the future.
Freeview, and possibly Sky SD - casual watching.
Connecting my Mac Mini with DVI to HDMI for media such as DVDs, MKVs, DivX, Streaming etc and HTPC use.
And that's it - No Bluray, no 3D, no Sky HD or Virgin HD, no need for USB playing or built in iPLayer etc.

Any suggestions, any experience with these TVs? Any recommendations?
I want to plunge for it this coming weekend so I can get prices before the post sale and VAT hikes?


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I do watch football via skysports player and over freeview so not hd so will 100hz make a difference?

Guess I'm scared of stock running dry as people buy before the vat rise and also why I'm buying :)


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Well, it may smooth out the motion for football, but whether it's worth the extra when you are on a tight budget, only you can decide. Also, some people don't like the effect it produces. Given the low res feed, I am not sure I would worry. It is also £50 over your stated max

Now if you want a good TV for football that is a 37" and sub £400...

Cheaper from Richer Sounds but you would need a taxi / mate to collect assuming you have a store nearby

It's not full HD but it depends what your priorities are. If it's football, the plasma, if gaming / PC something like the 32C530 would be the safe and cheap choice. I'd forget the LED, you are paying more for nothing better


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I took a plung minutes ago for the 580 from Dixons, using Quidco to get some cashback - yes I am being very tight :D
Better still I paid an extra £9 to make sure they delivery before 10am so I can take the delivery on my work days.
I hear Freeview HD will be out here in my area (tw18) in Feb 2011.


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I bought the samsung le32c580 from dixons.
I tried xbox 360 over component yesterday at 1080p and played fifa 11, I didn't notice any problems, possibly light blur when the screen moved quickly otherwise its excellent!

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