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Christopher Hammond

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I am sorry first of all.... ADHD Autistic so please bear with me

Looking through google and came across your site, regarding Panasonic freeview boxes. According to what I read on one of the many posts there is something at the beginning of a drive that tells the box to 'play nicely' (Firmware / Software / Wetwear and dare i say underwear). when the HDD is replaced.

The problem i have is that the drive from the machine concerned is dead.

I need the 1.5mb from the beginning of the drive to make it work on a new HD ... I have no recovery options.

Looking for the magical 1.5mb so I can add to a new HDD for a Panasonic HWT130 EB9 G and a Panasonic HWT130 EB If someone has the first 1.5mb for the above boxes OR knows the hex code and I'll key it in manually Someone did say about the function menu is able to get past the HDD error but for the life of me I cannot find the original post mentioned.

I can only assume that the 1.5mb from a DMR-HWT230 may work as the instruction book mentions this on the front


Christopher Hammond

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Further information

Managed to source a 2nd hand box from flea bay, the box is scratched and ports knackered but the drive is working (as well as could be expected). I have tried it in the original box and as suspected it doesn't work, BUT I can view it in HxD as seen by the attached file.

I have copied what I assume is all the code from 'sector 0' to the new drive, and as suspected this also failed. Now I am at a complete loss, I have tried putting the box on the network and logging into it also this doesn't work... If someone knows what I am doing wrong PLEASE tell me - if I need to go to sector XXXX then say so.

I am willing to try just about anything to get this working again....


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Have you tried this: Service Navigation - Panasonic DMR-BW780EB Service Manual [Page 8] | ManualsLib

I suspect that without the magic sectors it probably won’t work, but it’s worth a try. Look at the other related threads in the blu-ray players forum. There are options to download the necessary disc sectors as I recall, and that might help. If not, then you’re looking at getting Panasonic or one of its service agents to replace the drive, or it’s new box time. However, Panasonic PVR options are very limited now, as they have stopped selling most of their range. Humax or Manhattan kit are your only friends, but the good news there is that it’s easy to swap failed drives on those boxes.
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Christopher Hammond

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@Clem_Dye I had not seen those instructions and...

plays the DLT Quack Quack Oops' sound

Fail :(

BUT I had got a little further than last time and appreciate that.

With it not being a 'Blu-ray player I was hesitant to try all the different methods mentioned to get into the 'service menu' as some forums mentioned about shorting some of the IC's (Integrated Circuits) to get it to go into a 'fault diagnosis service menu'.

Then again it was mentioned on one website and that was not in English so it could have been translated incorrectly... Now as you can imagine that was NOT something I was willing to do

I had no choice left and had to send it to a Panasonic service centre as this is not my box (my dad wanted it back and he's a pain in the neck) With reading peoples comments in here I had assumed that someone would have had the software (maybe a ex-engineer) or maybe know the command to get into this menu.

Its a shame as i do a lot of tech repair / salvage stuff for charity and would have loved to have had this information in my arsenal in case one of these came across my bench.

Thank you anyway


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It’s a pity that Panasonic builds in this type of obsolescence in its products. That won’t do going forward. I have no idea what I’ll do when my 8 year old Panasonic DMR-HW120 dies. In spite of its age it [currently] works well enough. For now, Manhattan and Humax kit are my friends …

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