Help!!!!!! Panasonic AX100, Themescene HD73 or Infocus IN76!!!???

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DC3 is capable of a brighter image with more contrast than an identical pj with an earler DMD, but as for a preference between the DLP and LCD you need to see them both in action to decide which you prefer.



Use the search, there's been lots written about these projectors.

And check out the reviews here -

Better still why not grab a pile of DVD's and go check them all out for yourself, at the end of the day your own eyes are the best judge of what you like to look at, the dealers will only be too happy to demo their PJ's for you.

The Themescene is DLP with a DC3 chip - does that make it better or is it just marketing blurb?

Yes its much better, I've got an Infocus IN78 with DC3 which looks a lot better than the IN76 which has the older DC2 chip.


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Cheers for the link - tried the search and couldn't find much.

Do many places have areas to compare the different models?

Any ideas on how to find such a place in sunny manchester?

If the DC3 is far better, would you suggest going for that model over the other 2?

DC3 has a better fill factor than DC2, i.e. if your compare the two the pixel grid is less obvious on DC3 and black levels are noticeably better.

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