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help! Panasonic 32PS1 & 32PS5 RGB interference?

Discussion in 'TVs' started by djg1, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. djg1


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    I have a Panasonic 32PL1 and it suffers from RGB interference!

    DOES THE NEW 32PS1 or 32PS5 suffer from this as my 32PL1 does?

    My 32PL1 suffers interference from the tuner channels, with channel 3 (ITV) being the worst to effect the RGB picture.

    I have found if i switch the tuner to an un tuned channel before going to RGB scart 1, then this also comes through as grain on the DVD picture (via RGB). It does not really effect S-Video through scart only RGB!

    The iterference can come through in different ways, i.e. scrolling text (if their is text on the tuner channel at the time of watching the RGB Scart) , lines, but worst is a Scrolling Thumb like print with vertical bars in it which goes in either left to right or right to left. this is the most apparent thing, and happens mostwhen the tuner is on channel 3. :confused: :thumbsdow

    Someone help!

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