Help! Optoma H30A broken DVI?


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I've been using my H30A for a few months now with a DVI-D cable from a media PC. This was working fine until one day it wouldn't display anything. Looking on my PC I noticed that it wasn't being detected as a display. Immediately suspecting the DVI-D cable I hooked it up to another machine, but still nothing coming from the projector!

Ordered a new cable which finally arrived today, but now that I've hooked it up it still doesn't work! I can get it working using VGA cables etc using the adaptors which go into the DVI port, it's only DVI that doesn't work?

I'm almost certain it's not the PC as I've tried with a different video card and older drivers.

Is it possible that the DVI port on the H30A could suddenly lose the ability to do DVI but still accept other inputs into that port via adaptors?

Any help apprectiated!

Peter Parker

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I'm not familiar with the pj, but is there a menu option which tells it what signal to expect vi DVI perhaps, and that it's somehow on the wrong setting? Or does it auto detect all inputs looking for an active signal?

Sometimes having the PC on before turning on the pj allows it to see the DVI signal as it starts up. Maybe if you boot the pc after the pj has started, the pj may have decided that the digital input isn't active so ignores it. All guesswork, but just a few ideas just to be sure it's nothing simple before deciding the pj has developed a fault.



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Nope, it should auto-scan for inputs. As far as I know there aren't any input options in the in the menu.

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