Help: ONKYO TX-SR600 with BOSE AcoustiMass 10



Hi gurus,

I just bought a BOSE AcoustMass 10 with an ONKYO TX-SR600 AV receiver.

The BOSE speaker requires: (AC3)

Subwoofer: OFF
Crossover frequency: 200Hz

But the receiver only has: 80/100/120Hz. And there's no LFE option (only Subwoofer ON/OFF).

Any suggestion?



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I would try all speakers set to Large, No SUB. As I believe the Bose sub module takes the signals, it produces the "bass" and then redirects all other frequencies onto the satellites.

What does it say in the Bose manual about connections to the receiver/amp?


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I have the AM15 setup like:

All speakers are set to LARGE on the receiver

You get 6 cables to plug into your receiver - normal l/r/center/ls/rs and the sixth one is for the sub-woofer output which you plug into your receivers sub-woofer output

Turn the subwoofer to the setting ON - crossover you could play with but I would set it to 80hz

I think that is all you have to do

gmt steve

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The problem with the above post, is that the AM15 has an active subwoofer, whereas the AM10 does not.
So you need to set all speakers to Large, and Sub to off. If you add an active sub at some point, then leave the speakers set to Large, but set Sub to on, then only the LFE channel will be sent to the active sub.


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Yes - I was not sure about the AM10 being a passive sub if LFE effects would work if connected

I think a 300 pound sub would also be a good addition to the speakers

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