Help - Onkyo TX-SR309 has stopped all audio output?


Help please. My beloved Onkyo TX-SR309 has suddenly stopped all audio output, even on the level calibration page.

This produces no sound through either HDMI, Optical or the level calibration screen, which makes me think some link to the speakers is broken now. However, the 'info' on the home menu which usually states the type of input (DD, etc) now just says 'Unknown'.

Tried a factory reset, but made no difference. Is it time to just throw it out?


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my tnxr609 suddenly did the same Christmas Eve no sound outputs on any input even audessey set up. I’ve queried with only support done a factory reset and nothing.

I’ve read it maybe one of the chips so suspect it’s junk now!?

interested to see what anyone else thinks?


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I have a similar issue with my TX-NR717: No audio output at all. Everything else, including video, works fine, simply no sound, not even static when turning the volume up, not FM radio, nothing. The amp properly displays "Analog" or "HDMI" depending on the source it's receiving.

I was also instructed by Onkyo support to do a factory reset (CBL/SAT + Power), and it "fixed" it a couple of times, but after the next power cycle, the sound would always be gone again, and now even that reset doesn't fix it any more.

One weird thing is that I have RJ45 network connected, and when the problem is present, the initial setup immediately tells me that the network isn't connected when setting it up. The couple of times sounds was back, the network setup did actually work as expected.

So it really seems to be pointing to some multi-purpose electronic component issue in my case, since both sound output and network are affected.


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I’m afraid mine seems to be an hdmi board failure. I tried up update the firmware and both that and network were greyed out.


In the end I binned it, and bought a newer Onkyo with basically the same specs. Until my wife lets me have more than 5.1 speakers, there is little point getting anything at the top-end

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