Help - Onkyo set-up and problems


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Hi there, i'm new to this site and this is my 1st post so bear with me............

My set-up is as follows:
LG 42PC56 42" Plasma
Sony BDP-S360 Blu Ray
Virgin Media HD V+ Box
Onkyo TX-SR606 Amp
Tannoy SFX-5.1 Surround system

Ive had the components for a while, but ive just bought the onkyo from a friend who has upgraded, and ive bought the Tannoy set new.
Connected everything up, Blu ray into HDMI-1 on Onkyo (DVD port) and Virgin V+ into HDMI-3 on Onkyo (Cab / Sat port). Connected tv and everything seemed fine.............but tv will now and again will lose picture, audio is still playing, but screen is blank.
This happens on either the Blu ray or Virgin box, and can happen after 10 mins or the other day after 35mins (ive only had the system connected up a handful of times, and when this happens i simply disconnect the set-up and go back to tv and virgin box without amp until i can find an answer)
Also, another pointer is that when it happens (picture goes off), the tv will not respond at all to its remote (wont even power off) and i have to remove power lead from rear of tv to re-gain control.
The Onkyo worked fine for the friend that i bought it off with no problems..........
Any ideas folks, someone has suggested trying a different HDMI lead on the output from Onkyo to TV, which i have yet to do, but i will get round to it today.........

Again, any help or idea's would be much appreciatted folks !


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Hi, just an update....tried a different HDMI lead, and when watching Virgin box this morning lost tv picture after 25mins..............and noticed that on the front display panel on the Onkyo it was switching between 'HDMI' and 'DIRECT'................:mad:

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