Help on Speakers for Guitar Playing


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Hope this is in the right thread.

I want to play my guitar thru an audio interface, (not yet purchased). I currently have a JVC soundbar for the TV so could I hook it up to that - would it work ok? Or would bookshelf speakers or dedicated audio monitors be the route to go? If I can save money by not buying speaker or monitors then great but if it's not going to be possible then fine.

The other route I was thinking of would be some good quality PC speakers and use the interface thru that and my PC.

Any suggestions out there on set up and products would be most welcome.



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I use a set of PreSonus Eris E3.5 - 2-way, High-Definition Active Studio Monitors (Pair) through a focusrite scarlett 2i2 using balanced cables and Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads cut to size.

They sound fantastic for the price (very cheap) and size (small footprint)

Will be purchasing a second set of the speakers and a focusrite scarlett solo 3rd gen for upstairs
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