Help on Samsung before I splash cash!

Discussion in 'Samsung TVs Forum' started by DeadEye, Sep 11, 2007.

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    Hi all.

    Haven't posted in this section for a while - hope you're all well!

    I went into Currys of all places to look at some screens (again). In this particular store they had 5 50" screens running off the same feed using componant video.

    One of these screens was a Samsung PS50Q96HD and I have to say I have never seen such a smooth/fast/vibrant screen yet. It played the new ford mondeo advert where the old cars are floating off - it looked like it was running at 200Hz.

    My screen is 60% used for running my HTPC and the rest for films (my sig shows the kit being used) so I went and got a laptop. Unfortunately I couldn't get the laptop to run at the 1360x768.

    While I was 10000% set on getting a 1080p LCD screen, the Samsung goes against everything I thought I wanted - but I still can't get over the smoothness of the panning.

    So to my questions, :lease:

    Does anyone have this screen that uses it with a HTPC and can you get 1:1 pixel ratio?

    Does anyone as above have a HD graphics card in their HTPC and do you successfully run the PC in HD?

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