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Hi everyone,

Got a bit of a dilema which I hope experienced ears will be able to help me out on, i'll give a brief run down...

Got into hifi seperates in the late eighties, and went through such items as Technics su700 amp, Goodmans Maxim 2/JPW Sonata/Tannoy Jupiter S speakers, Dual CS503/2 t'table and all manner of cd players, laserdisc and dvd player to drive the cd's.

Never had what I would call a 'proper' hifi setup. I got into home cinema in the 90's and not looked back, until recently.

Currently have KEF 2005.2 and a Yamaha DSP-AX757SE which is great for what I need (only have a small living room) filmwise, but musically i'm not happy.

I have a dining room which measures 12'1 x 10'11 so it's not massive and being a victorian terraced i'm not going to want a monster set up.

My music tastes are electronic/synth based ie Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Goldfrapp etc to rock QotSA, Foo fighters, Mansun, Muse etc

I'd really like to go down the 2nd hand route, age of equipment isn't a problem, i'd rather go for a well proven sorts like cyrus or audiolab, nad amps, mission, epos, tannoy speakers etc but I don't know where to start as to parntering these items with the type of music I listen to.

This is where i'm looking for opinions etc as I can't really go and demo kit that isn't in shops no more!

Any opinions welcome! :)

TIA Paul.


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Any opinions welcome! :)

TIA Paul.

Well you asked! :D
I can understand were you are coming from on this as I to use to have a Yamaha surround amp, which was great for moves, but lacking in music.

Combernation wise, I can tell you first hand that Arcam and PMC are stunning, as is Arcam and Dynaudio or Proac. Equally the B&W 6 series speakers are ment to be excellent for dance/rock type music, but i'm not sure what a good amp match would be (think its Rotel but not sure).

Equally getting a dedicated CD player can make a huge differance to the sound.
Hope this helps!


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I think the first thing you need to do is decide your budget and also what you want to play, e.g. CDs, LPs, radio, DAB, MP3s etc.


Thanks for your replies.

Budget wise i'm looking around £200-250 per component, bearing in mind i'm looking at 2nd hand i'm expecting to get some half decent gear at that price, have been scanning ebay and there are all manner of components around that price.

I'll be playing mainly cd's but will be using my ipod on it too, but primarily cd's.

I kinda figured i'll be needing a neutral sounding set up, as synth music by nature is cold and harsh sounding, but the rock side of things would need something a bit fast responding with get up and go, if that makes sense?

Have been watching a few cyrus amps and mission speakers (standmounts and floormounts) just want some advice from you guys on similar music tastes on your setups and what goes together and what doesn't!

Cheers again, Paul. :)


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The biggest problem you will have is the inability to here it first if you buy from E-bay. What not have a look through this and other forums for sales sections. A number of sellers will be pleased to let you listen first if you live close enough to them.
Given your musical choices I would suggest naim/rega/exposure/creek electronics. Epos, Rega, Royd, spendor or neat speakers. As a guide you will probably find say a Rega planet and mira within your price band as well as a pair of Jura's.

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