Help on Rear Speakers - B&W In-Celing Speakers CCM626 / CCM50


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Howdi folks,

Having recently moved into a new flat i've been struggling to come up with a good suggestion for my rear surrounds... i have some Mission M5DS which just aren't going to work as there is no decent way of mounting them - one would have to be flush against a wall the other floating in no-mans land!

As such i've pretty much decided i'm going to have to change them.. i had considered Dynaudio Audience 42W but the sofa is flush against the back wall... i popped into a local HiFi shop and the guy there recommended either the B&W LM1 mounted high and pointing down (this idea was consistent with my thoughts on using Kef Eggs at the back) but he then also suggested using the B&W in ceiling ones, seen as i have a top floor flat this would work ok as i have an attic i could use, but does anyone have any thoughts/views on in ceilings... the idea does appeal as it means no cables draped up walls etc but i'd rather have cables on show if it's going to sound better!!



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