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Morning everyone,

Can you help me to understand whats the best way forward.

I have already have 2 x PSN accounts.
Account 1 + Account 2 for arguments sake.

Ihave no ps4 as present and awaiting my PS5 on launch day.

Account 2 is an account I share with a friend, we don't really talk anymore, but the account is in operation. I made the account and gave him the details, I can not remember where it is set to Primary. It has 21 VR games on, but more importantly (to my son) it has his main Fortnite login on, Fortnite is not being used by the other person.

If I go onto epic games on the pc you can see the account t linked to the psn account. Can this be changed? I don't think it can? Or will there be a chance if I create a new PS5 account/PSN?

Account 1 has not been shared and it has just a couple of games on it.

If I was just to put both accounts on the ps5 and not make a new account, would I purchase PlayStation plus for Accout 1? As I don't want to 'share my main account.

Would this allow fortnite to work online as that's on account 2? (Without a plus account)

Which account would need to be set to primary/main?

I do not mind losing account 1 and starting a new account if somehow I can transfer over the fortnite account to a new account. I would like to at least keep account 2 for the vr stuff.

Thank you everyone.
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Fortnite is free to play so you can play it on any account even without PS+

If you have all saved data on Account 2, maybe you should talk to the old friend and see if they mind you taking the account as your own if they are not using it. Then change the password and use that as as your son's Fortnite account

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