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Hi all,

I have some basic questions that I hope you can help with.

I am updating a room in the house, and once complete it will have a Plasma (42"), not sure make/model yet, PS3, Wii and SkyHD

The main question is around the configuration / setup of conenctions. I only want one cable running to the wall mounted plasma screen, from behind the plasterboard.

What configuration would be best suited to these requirements?

Thanks in advance for any help!



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If you are using an Amp, then 1 HDMI from plasma to HDMI out in the Amp then everything run thru your amp :smashin:

If your not using an Amp, the buy something like this..

Vivo Mounts : HDMI Accessories

then have everything into that, then HDMI out to plasma. Unsure what connection the Wii has as i dont own one sorry.



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Hi Tony,

Thanks for the reply (and the welcome!). I am new to all this, still going strong with my sony 28inch CRT......hmmmm

I am not sure about an amp, may sound stupid, but what benfits will that provide, are they aimed at improving sound /allowing sound, or do they improve the visual side too? Really am new, any guides online to advise the basic's - to avoid me asking really stupid quesions!!

Also checking the link, would this mean to change sources you need to click something on the switch, would like to be able to do this via remote, and have all devices connected all the time. A connection for a laptop would be a bonus too....

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