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Hey all,

My decision has been made on the plasma front as I fell in love with the Panasonic TH50PF9 yesterday which I was able to see SD, HD and PS3 during my demo at AV Sales.:thumbsup:

Now being very new to this AV stuff I was wondering whether someone could help me out in getting the best of my new panel as I don't want to be spending my hard earned cash on this screen only to be not using it to its full potential. My current setup is as follows:

  • TV: Toshiba 36ZP48
  • Receiver: Standard Sky (to be updated to Sky HD soon)
  • DVD/Surround: Sony DAV-S888
  • BD/Gaming: PS3
  • VHS: Toshiba V634UK

Now after reading a lot of threads on these forums I am undecided whether to get a HD DVD player, a seperate scaling device or an upscaling DVD player, a dual DVD/VHS player etc etc. I have allowed up to £500 in my budget for whatever I end up picking.

Not entirely sure what I need so am open to any suggestions. I plan on splashing out all at once when I make my purchase (very soon) so that I don't need to think about upgrading my rig any time soon. Look forward to reading any replies and thanks.


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If you can goto around £500 I'd probably look at the Toshiba XE1. Your basically getting a HD DVD player and an upscaling DVD player with the same chip used in the Denon 2930 which only plays normal DVD's. With a high definition set you won't want to miss out on the HD DVD fun believe me. Something like Batman Begins at 50" on HD DVD well we are talking a permanent smile for the two hour duration.


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Thanks for your opinion, I shall scrub the SD DVD upscaling off the list and change it to the Tosh XE1 - just been reading some good reviews so sounds like a wise choice. :thumbsup:

Right - over to the amp threads now :)

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