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I currently have a PS3 which I wish to connect to both my LCD TV and my projector using HDMI, i.e. one HDMI source driving a choice of HDMI displays. To save me constantly swapping leads around I'm trying to find an HDMI switch box that will do the job for me. Whereas I can find many devices that allow the connection of multiple HDMI signal sources to one HDMI input on a TV (e.g. this one), I can't seem to find anything that allows me to do the reverse, i.e. the same output (PS3) switched between the available display devices (TV or projector). I do not want to drive both the TV and the projector at the same time, so all I need is a switch box, not a splitter/distribution amplifier. I have been told that I can't use a 3 input/1 output HDMI switch box in reverse because of HDCP.

I bought a cheap simple HDMI splitter from eBay (same as this one), but it doesn't quite work. I think my cable run to the TV is a little too long for using the splitter (15m), as when both the TV and projector are connected the projector works, but I can't get any sound on the TV. However with just the TV connected it works just fine. I have thought about buying a cheap repeater for the TV cable run, but wasn't sure if that would do the job.

There is a Lindy device that looks like it almost solves my problem, but it's (a) a little expensive and (b) I don't want to drive both the TV and projector simultaneously.

Is there anything around that would do (cheaply!) what I'm trying to achieve?

Joe Fernand

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Hello lotuselan

As you've found out the ‘passive' HDMI ‘splitter' cables are far from bullet proof.

Even Active HDMI splitters can have problems - CYP produce a range of options; the CH-12 (same model you link to) is very much the entry level product and not as system compatible as other models in the CYP range; see Splitters/Switcher/Booster/Equalizers&SR=0

Octava have a new model you may want to consider – see

Its rare to find an HDMI Output ‘Selector' as they tend to cause too many problems due to HDCP errors unless you power everything Off every time you want to change the active Display.



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Hi Joe,

Many thanks for your reply. :)

You seem to have confirmed what my limited amount of internet research/trawling has thrown up. Looks like at some point I may have to either resign myself to cable swapping (and hope all the gold plating lasts as long as it is supposed to!) or I'll have to get my wallet out and bite the financial bullet. :eek:

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