Help on deciding what watch to buy


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armani watches lose value greatly as they are not a proper watch maker plus you can get better armani watches for cheaper on ebay in one of the liquidation watch shops.

go with a citizen eco drive watch


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Although I don't have any recommendations at that price, I agree with the others that you should at least go with a watch making company.
These watches made by 'people unknown' then stamped with the name of someone better known for suits/jeans/perfume do my head in.
My wife made me buy her a DKNY watch at the weekend, purely because she liked it and it went with a new black bracelet she got.
Even though it was only £99, it still pained me to hand the dosh over.


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I'd avoid "fashion" watches to be honest, you're paying a fair whack for the name, and it's often the name of a company with nothing to do with watchmaking anyway. It might be irrational snobbery but IMO there are better made and presented options out there from respected companies even at the budget end of the price range.

I went for a Tissot when looking for a >£175 watch (but a lot of them are have smaller cases, as you've linked to a 48mm (big!) watch I'm guessing you've got wrists like tree trunks and would't consider a smaller watch) the Citizen eco-drive movements seem to have a pretty good reputation and even a Casio in that price range should be pretty dependable.
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