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Hello all,

I hope everyone is well!

Well I am here for some advice if I may please - I think we have created a new problem following our network equipment installation.

As you can see from the attached photos of cupboard near our front door has been converted to a comms cupboard. The plan was to store all of the home gadgets, Network switch, POE Switch Sonos amps, and NAS in this area for our home network. Unfortunately we are running into an issue where the cupboard is too warm with the door closed.

We have installed an AC infinity Cloudplate T7-n (2u) rack fan (in let), along with a 4 fan roof rack - however we are still getting temps over 32 degrees C within the cupboard. Clearly there isn't enough airflow within the cupboard to allow cool air in. We have experimented with front and back doors (glass vs mesh) however this didn't seem to make much difference). The rack is a custom 21U Orion rack (550mm x 600mm).

The AC infinity fan unit has a plug in thermometer and is located at the top of the rack - the fan is temperature sensitive and will automatically come on when reaching a certain temperature. (in our case about 29 degrees C).

The cupboard itself houses the main electrical box for the property, but is on an external wall - I was wondering what would be the best way to cool this room down, with the summer coming I can only see the room getting warmer when the ambient room temps go up. A month or so ago we would get around 28 - 29 degrees C but with nearly £2Ks worth of RED NAS drives in there I am a little worried about how the temps will affect the longevity of these drives and other equipment.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated! :) Oh and forgive the channels in the wall - we were having some electrical light installation!



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I'd put in a bathroom fan, straight through the wall. Just pull the heat out. You could always put a vent at the bottom if it cant suck enough air with the door closed.


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What are the HDD temps saying ?

We are now running our data centres with server inlet temp of 28C, Google are trialing 35C. WD red have s safe operating temp of 5C to 60C.

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