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Hi, this is my first post on this site. I have just recently purchased a Panasonic TX28PS5 which has built-in dolby surround sound system and will shortly be pairing this with a Panasonic DVD-S75 dvd player. On good advice I also bought an IXOS XHT601 fully wired RGB SCART cable. My question is will this cable be sufficient to give me the surround sound capability from my DVD to TV or do I need any additional cables, if so, what?

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A fully wired SCART will carry the picture sigmal (in various guises - make sure the player and TV are both set to RGB for best quality) and Analog Audio in 2 channels only. Whilst the TV almost certainly has a prologic decoder onboard - so it will produce prologic surround from the stereo signal - true Dolby Digital is much better.

To get true dolby digital from the player to the TV you will need to connect the player to the TV with (in addition to the SCART) a digital audio cable. These come in two incompatible types.

Check the TV specs. It must have either (or both) of:

an Optical Digital input
a coaxial digital input.

and your DVD player should have one or both of these outputs.

If both have coaxial - use that. Buy a single coaxial cable with RCA phono plugs on either end.

If both have optical but one or the other (or both) doesn't have coaxial - buy an optical (TosLink) cable and use that.

If one has only one, and the other has only the other, then you have a difficulty.


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I've got the 32" version Panasonic TX32PS5 which has an optical input which I used to feed the sound in. It has RGB scart on only one socket, the other S-video - RGB gives me best picture.

The built in sub-woofer is very poor in my opinion. I first added an external sub-woofer which was much better and went the whole way and got an external AV and 5.1 speaker setup.

Careful advice from here normally hurts your bank balance in the long run :) as there is an upgrade virus doing the rounds!!

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