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Sep 25, 2020
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Not sure if correct Forum but appreciate help.

Our church have an Audio system for all inputs and output Amplifiers etc.
We want to be able to use a laptop to record the output but can't seem to get to work. Either nothing or get distortion in the sound.

The Audio desk is older but has following outputs
RCA audio outputs labelled "Record" and there is a 1/4" Phones jack.
Laptop has a 3.5mm Trrs jack.

Apreciate any help any guidance
Which Laptop and Desk do you have?

Assuming there is a ‘Mic’ Input on the Laptop the desk ‘Line’ output is likely overloading it.

Lenevo laptop.
Desk. Will have to check

It did sound like overload.
Any recommendations. Do I need something to convert it
Lenevo t490 but should be same for most laptops. Want to be able to allow different people to record. Some may just use a phone
Most sound card have line/Mic in option in the control panel for its input. (Often pops up when the jack is plugged in I think, asking which option is to be used?).

Alternative is to make up a special 'attenuator' lead to reduce the signal with resistors. To suit multiple devices that attenuator would need to be variable and the users aware of how to set and adjust it.
Best to appeal for a knowledgeable member of the congregation to assist with constructing this?
BYOD can be a real nightmare - especially if folk are turning up with all manner of Laptops and good luck with recording to Mobile phones, you'll want to have a pile of spare adapters for iPhones and the like.

I just happen to be updating a few Lenovo V145 this afternoon and unless someone has pre configured it and knows what they are doing they are not intuitive when it comes to using the 3.5mm 'Combo' socket to record from a line input source.

Might be more realistic to provide a device which can record to USB and ask folk to bring a pre configured USB stick or drive with them.


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