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So from all the stuff i have read there is not a clear winner at all.
Every brand / modeltype has flaws and imperfections.
Don't know why some people find it normal that a screen has minor light bleeds etc. when paying this amounts of money for a tv.

My ue55ju6800 is going retour cause it has light bleed but i really liked the quality.

I'm looking for (budget range +-1400 euro):
tv without light bleed / dse / any other faults
55 inch
if possible 100hz minimum (fast action was a little blurry on the ue55ju6800 60hz)
basic apps in it like youtube and browser (was looking at the cx700 but doesnt have basic apps)

unless paying tons of money at samsung i endup with sh*t there
was looking at the panasonics cx700 750 and 800
the 700 doesnt have basic apps etc , the 750 is a ips panel again with light bleeds, the 800 looks good but is a bit more pricey +-1700 wich is a lot imo

looked at samsung panasonic and some sony's


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so i guess i'll have to compromise either the refreshrate or the basic apps on it?

made a list from a possible store i'm going to get from

1149 tx-55cx700e
1300 TX-55CX750E


1189 ue55ju6800 (IPS lightbleed)


1500 KD-55X8505C
1099 KD-55X8005C

1600 55UF850V
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To minimize light bleed you want a back-lit panel. Edge lit will always have light bleed. It's a fault of the technology, not the TV itself.

My TV (in sig) can be had for your budget. Was 2200 euro when released in 2014.


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look at the hisense 720, backlit fald.

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