Help no sound on my 210e !!!


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I have a toshiba 210e DVD player, i have moved rooms with the player and connected up but no sound throught the component sockets. I have also tried using scrat, again no sound. I have tried the digital output and it works.
Can you help as i need to use component.


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no sound throught the component sockets.
Do you mean you have it connected up with the component outputs only? These outputs only output a video signal - no sound, so you'd also need to connect up the L/R phono outputs to an amp to get sound.

I may be wrong here, but if you're getting no sound when connecting by scart also, it could be that the player is set up to output the sound by the digital output only. You'd need to check the player's setup menu's to correct this.



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Thanks for the reply.

Sorry for the mistake, i am using s-video and the 2 L&R phones and no sound. This is the same with scart. But the digital cable works.
I have tried it with the other options in the menu screen but i will try again tonight.


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Ok, let us know how you get on :)

I'm not too farmiliar with the setup menu's on the Tosh's but maybe someone else will come on here and tell you what you need to check! :)

Hope you get it sorted...


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I'm sure I had something similar with our Toshiba player.

Try experimenting with:

1. The Audio button on the remote control.
2. The player setup menus for the sound. You may have to switch off Bitstream output (if it's on) to get sound out of the phonos. I don't have the player in front of me so I can't be sure.

Good luck!

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