HELP, no satellite signal problem


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Hi before I tear all my hair out.

we have multiroom, with a white box, in the conservatory, which we never use, so as I have a cinema in my shed, thought it would be good to have sky in there. I purchased a sky hd box from Amazon Warehouse.
I am also doing the garden so laid 2 sat cables from the side of the conservatory to the shed, cut the cables to the conservatory and connected by female connectors to the shed cable.

The problem I have, sky box works fine with 1 cable plugged in, as soon as the 2nd is connected,its says not sat signal.If I turn the box off, then back on , and go straight to signal strength, it shows 2 good signals, when I type in 101 for bbc1, it thinks about it then says no sat signal.

Thinking I had a dud box, plugged it into the existing cables in the lounge and it works perfectly.

my next option, when it stops raining is to plug the box into the cable before the join in the garden, to see if it could be the female connectors.( but as it works on 1 cable (both tried separately, so both must have a signal), I am at a loss.



Hi Dave.
Look about four threads up from yours - no Sky here.
How old is the white box and why hasn't it been replaced?


Obviously you didn't see logi's question either.


OK - I'll move you.
I'd sooner be outside on Guernsey than inside watching TV!


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I would recommend to contact their customer service and try to solve this problem via phone call if not they can send somebody to your house to check out.


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My guess: You have a bad connection somewhere in the cable that is causing a voltage drop. Maybe you didn't fit the F plugs correctly?

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