HELP - No satellite signal is being received


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I have just come home from work plugged in my SKY and TV and I am getting "No satellite signal is being received" from my SKY+ Box.

I have gone into

Services then option 4 'System Setup' and then option 6 'Signal Test'.

On my Input 1 Signal Strength and Quality it is showing nothing

Input 2 both Signal Strength and Quality are around 60%

Any ideas?, its very windy here today as well


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i also have the same fault as you described in your post.

came home from work and exactly the same fault

i have checked my sky box connections and my dish.

i also have another older sky box in another room which is working correctly although connected to the same dish.

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Sounds like an LNB or cable problem.

If the dish had moved in the wind, input 2 would be zero as well.

Start by swapping cables over to eliminate a tuner problem.

You've probably got a Quad LNB so, assuming you can get to the dish safely, try one of the other outputs.

Of course, if it's a cable problem, this won't help.

Sounds like you'll have to call someone in.

Good luck. :)


try reboot ing the box by turning off at the mains and waiting a couple of mins then turn it back on again and let it reboot.


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I'm having a similar problem. getting the same message for about 2 weeks also getting , There is a fault with this channel, Try again later, message aswell. I only have normal sky though, NOT sky+. any ideas? thanks

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