Help! No pic from my new Philips 963!

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I've just got my new Philips DVD-963SA (PAL prog scan) and have plugged it into my Seleco SVP-400 Plus PJ using the component input. All is fine using the interlaced output, but as soon as I switch the player to PAL progressive the picture seems to lose sync and I get a kind of garbled double image.

I've tried NTSC prog scan and get a similar output.

If I change to the BNC 30kHz input I get a good green image.

Any ideas?



AD Roser

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Hi Ben,

The 400 plus did come with Component Input but I'm afraid it is for Interlaced Video only. Only the RGBHV input can accept the Progressive Input.

The projector can be upgraded to accept PAL/NTSC progressive but will involve a trip back to OWL and a bill of about £500.

Alternatively you can buy a iscanpro and enjoy progressive without touching the projector.

If we can be of any further help, please ring me on 01825 766123.


Alan Roser
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Alan - thanks for the response.

Moderators - excuse my language, but I am VERY annoyed with myself. The beauty of my plan was that by buying a PAL prog scan DVD player I would not need an iscan pro!!! And now I need one!!! ARGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I need to decide if it's worth forking out £450 on a second hand iscan pro...



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It may not be what you want to hear but it might just take the edge off your anger (which I fully understand)....

You could try using a component to rgb transcoder.... there is one available from Burosch in Germany (around £130 or so) which I think will do progressive to progressive. We had some discussions on this over on the AVSforums in the processors a search there.
There is always the Key digital unit ($300ish) which I think Gordon now has a dealership for. Keene and Lectropacks also have rgb TO component boxes(£70ish) which might work the other way round.

Also, I posted a query regarding the vga output on the Philips 1000 dvd recorder over on the 'bulb' projectors forum (no one has answered though) but you could try that as an option if you could change your dvd player.... although at the moment the recorder doesn't do pal progressive.

hope that helps,

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