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Help newbie to select first AVR+ 5.1 speakers for apartment

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by pasc, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. pasc


    Products Owned:
    Products Wanted:
    Hello all :)
    I would like to buy my first AVR and 5.1 speakers. The problems are:
    - I have no experience with sound equipment or acoustics, just some experience with PC and electronics in general.
    - For my wife look is important then a sat/sub is preferred.
    - We live in a Brazil and not all equipment speakers are available to buy.
    - I have a small budget ($1,400 is ok, $2,000 maximum).
    - We live in an apartment and I dont want to disturb the neighboors, specially with deep bass and LFE. Very important iten.
    - The living room size is ~30m2.
    - Acoustic isolation will be too expensive.
    - My family will listen music and video at low/medium level, and quality is more important than quantity.
    - The preference is for AVRs with automatic calibration of sound with fine manual adjustments.
    - I already have a Sony DVD player, Sony wega TV and directv.

    Let me list what is available here with prices (US$):
    - Pioneer vsx 515 - $400
    - Pioneer vsx 815 - $575
    - Pioneer vsx 915 - $675
    - Yamaha rx 650 - $715
    - Yamaha rx 750 - $875
    - Denon 1604 - $750
    - Denon 1705 - $840
    - Denon 1905 - $1,040
    Bose Acoustimass 6 - III - $1,600 (full continous LFE control, atenuated deep bass)
    Bose Acoustimass 10 - III - $2,275
    JBL SCS145.5S - $540
    JBL SCS160S - $740
    JBL SCS200.7 - $780
    JBL SCS300.7 - $885
    Jamo A 410PDD - $1,800 (very expensive, good sound, smooth sub, great looks)
    Polkaudio RM6000 5.1 - $650

    There are also some Onkyo avrs and polk, b&w, paradigm speakers.

    I have already read a lot of threads about avr and speakers. I read some reviews and tutorials and I have downloaded and read some equipments´ manuals, but I still have not decided what to do. Maybe a JBLSCS145.5+ Pioneer vsx815.

    I am still learning about 5.1, dialog normalization, DRC, LFE, parametric band equalization, reverberation, cutoff, acoustics, etc...

    Please I need your help/comments/ and/or links to reviews/threads, etc... :lease:
    Thanks a lot :)

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