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Dickie Darko

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Hi, I've just joined the forum and hope someone can give me some advice!

My 2 year old daughter has gouged the screen of my 36" Hitachi 36wfs810 TV, I contacted my insurer and they sent out a technician who advised me that a new tube will have to be fitted.

My question is, should I have the tube replaced or insist that the Insurance company replace the Tv itself? I'm a bit of a novice with regards to Tv's (hoping to rectify that by joining this forum) but any advice is more than welcome before I contact the Insurance company.

Many Thanks in advance

I'm off to read through some threads now

Tight Git

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Suggest you read your insurance conditions.

Most companies reserve the right to repair or replace at their discretion, so you'll probably have no say in the matter.

Good luck.


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My old Toshiba TV was covered by a warranty and needed a new tube. The warranty company would only act on the recommendations from the engineer who submitted a report. After having the tube replaced twice due to really bad geometry I was still unhappy and explained that the new tube was not as good as the old one, when it worked, and they agreed to replace the TV with a new one. I originally paid £1100 for the first TV but received a cheque for £1600 for the replacement as the Toshiba PF2 was the direct replacement.:D



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My TV screen was scratched while moving house. Its an eight year old Nokia but apart ftom the 1" scratch works perfectly. The insurers gave me £800 which was a fair price and I kept the TV. Its surprising how you get used to it, so its been moved upstairs into the bedroom and £800 towards a new TV. Might be worth you asking if the scratch isnt too bad or too deep (because of the risk of the tube imploding). Mine is certainly down to the metal strands but we sit nice and far away!
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